Sunday, September 27, 2009

This is my final post

I'd like to thank my 5 readers, but there just isn't enough to keep going. I was going to do that super article a couple weeks ago, but then I got sick and now there isn't a lot of time.
That is the link to the Yankees depth chart. It should always work even when I am gone. Again thanks for these couple months.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

T-Yankees win too

Wow! 2 championships in 16 leagues. And our minor league system has a league in 6 of them. Honestly I didn't trust Lare to start this critical game who allowed 2 runs in 2 innings in one appearance during the season. I would rahter they had started Jairo Heredia who in four appearances has a fairly high ERA in the mid sixes himself, but I was wrong. Lare struck out 6 in 5 innings allowing just one hit. Noesi in relief gave up 2 runs striking out 2. Surprisingly he walked one. He only had four walks all season in Tampa before this. Venditte got his forth hold of the short post season and Noel Castillo saved the game. Big congrats to David Adams who had 2 RBIs and went 3 for 4.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Medchill puts SI in front

I haven't posted in awhile because I have been too ill to go on the computer so sorry about that.

Now the SI Yankees trailed 2-0 early in Jose A. Ramirez's SI debut. Zolio had an RBI shorty after followed by a Higashioka RBI in the seventh. Medchill, who has struggled mightily of late, had an RBI fielder's choice to give SI the lead. Zolio had 2 more RBIs in the eighth. For a lineup that has been struggling including early tonight, this was quite a display. Ramirez went three innings.

This (potential) win cannot be solely credited to the offense. What a job in relief by Ben Watkins. He pitched 4 innings so far giving up just one hit and one walk while striking out one. He pitched well all year going 5-0 with an ERA of 2.47. Congratulations to the (potential) NYPL champions, the SI Yankees.

It is official. The team won their fifth title. Now in the past 5 seasons, they won 3. Scranton looks like they will lose so they will need stud performances from Ivan Nova, Zach McAllister, AND Jason Hirsh if they want to win the IL. Also Tampa is just under way in their series finale. There was a long delay.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

6 roster moves for Trenton

1) Adam Olbrychowski to Tampa; empty spot
2) Phil Bartleski to Tampa; no open roster spot for Tampa (UPDATE: Manny Banuelos transferred)
3) Zachary McAllister to Scranton; likely Cory Arbiso transferred
4) Jose Valdez to Scranton; likely Jeff Williams transferred
5) PJ Pillitere to Scranton; likely Brian Peterson released or to DL
6) Grant Duff to Scranton; likely Jason Hirsh to DL

These are just Ashmore's reports and CJ's predictions.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Shelley Duncan up

Shelley Duncan was called up to the Bronx before the playoffs. I am kind of surprised it isn't Anthony Claggett with him. Jeff Williams is on the roster. Scranton still has a roster spot to fill likely with a hitter. Eric Duncan, Edwar Gonzalez, Noah Hall, and Richie Robnett are the leading candidates.

If Claggett does go up, expect to see Josh Schmidt, Jay Stephens, or another pitcher from Trenton. The only guy who can start in Charleston is Alan Horne, and I doubt he gets the call.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Trenton season ends

I thought I would just look into the short future of everyone on their team.

Zachary McAlister-Likely wo move to Scranton next year and might if this Hirsh injury is serious.
Jeremy Bleich-Likely to start with Trenton next year looking to turn around his career with the team which has been awful so far.
Lance Pendleton-Probably the same as Bleich and would be closer to Scranton based on age at the moment.
Ryan Pope-Had a great turn around at the end and is borderline to go to Scranton next year. Definitely a possibility but not very likely.
Jason Stephens-Likely to head to Scranton with Towers up and Hirsh down with an injury.
Adam Olbrychowski-I originally didn't expect him to start with Trenton next year, but that is increasingly likely.
Wilkins Arias-Could go to Scranton, but only if Kroenke is cut. I don't really know where he fits in the organization next year if Mike Gardner comes back.
Grant Duff-Should be at Trenton next year.
Phillip Bartleski-Should be at Trenton next year unless he bombs in minor league ST.
Josh Schmidt-Chance of going to Scranton is fairly high, but Stephens might be the guy because Scmidt is just a spot starter. I hope he gets his chance there next year.
Kanekoa Texeira-Very young and has a lot of time. Likely to go to Scranton next year, but not very clutch in my opinion.
Jose Valdez-I hope he goes to Scranton this weekend. Claggett would likely need to be called up. I would like to see him back there. Should definitely start there next year.
PJ Pillitere-Would be a better option then Brian Peterson. The Yankees aren't a team to cut players like that though. I wish they would here. Better for Scranton and New York.
Chris Malec-Could easily replace Bernier, and this one isn't even debatable that it is better for Scranton and New York.
Matt Cusick-Likely to start in Trenton next year unless he is able to beat out a veteran for the Scranton utility position. Won't be going up yet.
Marcos Vechionacci-Hmm. I love him, but does it make sense that we let Duncan walk for him to move here. Probably Malec could handle 3B at Scranton next year. He has another year in the organization, and he heated up in the second half.
Eduardo Nunez-Will only go up if Russo goes up or Ransom gets cut for him which is at best unlikely.
James Cooper-Maybe Scranton's 4th OF.
Austin Krum-Probably stays at Trenton, but not in CF with Sublett coming up.
Edwar Gonzalez-Not really doing great in Trenton. Old for the level. Not sure if he will fit in.
Noah Hall-Probably won't be back. Nice season though.
Kyle Anson-Maybe a third catcher at Scranton if Montero DHs there.
Justin Snyder-Should start in Trenton next year.
Richie Robnett-Probably won't be back.
David Trahan-I don't know what to make of this. As a RP he likely won't be back with Tampa's load coming.
Paul Bush-Organizational veteran. Probably not coming back with this long DL stint.
Ryan Baker-Could be cut, but I'd like to see him in Charleston maybe.
Wilkin de la Rosa-Hopefully moves up to Scranton if there is room.
JB Cox-Will retire hopefully.
Jesus Montero-I think he might DH in Scranton, but C is definitely a possibility.
Jorge Vazquez-If Miranda gets traded, then Scranton 1B would be almost certain.
Christian Garcia-Probably 60 day DL on the big league club. Not sure if we need to though. We could always DFA him if he is ready to come off at any point. Not sure if a claim would be placed.

Friday, September 4, 2009

So many transactions I might not have them all

Luke Prihoda was sent to SWB from Charleston. Manny Banuelos was sent to Tampa. Dejo was called up to the Big Leagues. Dickson Marquez, Paul Heidler and Manny Barreda were brought to Charleston. I hope that is all.

SI needs 3 players. The rest of the rosters were full.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Trenton spots filled

It looks like Ryan Baker isn't the guys off the DL. He is listed there, but I doubt he stays. Phil Bartleski was promoted from Tampa (no replacement on Tampa roster) and David Trahan, a relief pitcher was signed from the Indy Leagues.

With the GCL season over, Graham Stoneburner is on the SI roster. Manny Barreda is on Charleston's roster.

Tampa has a roster spot open. SI has 3 maybe one for Ryan Baker and 2 GCLs/draft picks.

Whelan not off DL, Bernier is, notes

  • Shelley Duncan wins MVP
  • Austin Jackson wins AAA ROY
  • Corban Joseph is the Sally League THIRD BASEMAN of the year
  • Melky Mesa is the on the post season all star roster as the 4th OF
  • David Phelps is on the Sally League post season roster as RHP
  • Austin Romine was the FSL player of the year and catcher for the post season all stars
  • Lance Pendleton made the roster as one of the SP
  • Jon Hovis made the roster as one of the two relievers
  • Brandon Laird made the roster for starting 3B
  • Ed Nunez made the Eastern League Post season roster as starting SS
  • Kevin Russo is on the AAA post season all star roster

Not to mention Luis Sojo represented Tampa on the coaching staff.

That is a lot to be happy about for our organization.